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  So, you are considering putting on an Adult Panto in your club
  "I would thoroughly recommend the whole project and, with the support offered by Simon at Lymm I am sure many more clubs could emulate the success for themselves."
Tom King, Chester Rugby Club

"We at Chester Under 15's had been fundraising for a Southern Hemisphere tour in 2010 for our boys since mid 2007. All of the usual discos, BBQ's and bag packing had produced some great results but we were looking for an event that would enable us to give our efforts a significant boost.”
Chester Rugby Club

"Buying the script (‘Jack and His Giant Beanstalk!’) from Simon saved us so much time and effort, is very highly recommended and its worth really shouldn’t be underestimated."
Chester Rugby Club

There may be any number of reasons to produce an adult panto in your club but many embark on this odyssey to raise much-needed funds, be it for the club’s survival, or for land purchase, or tours, or new changing rooms or
just for the fun of it.

Whatever your motivation I can promise you one overriding emotion from the experience – one of joy. I write with over 30 years experience of putting on shows of this nature and once the ball is rolling, and despite all the hard work and hassle, it is the fun of it all that will keep everything going and be remembered the most by participants and audience alike.

My own club, Lymm Rugby Club based in leafy Cheshire, started the tradition of Adult Panto’s over 40 years ago and it was my task to revive the concept back in 1986. It became such a labour of love for all concerned some of the cast and crew have been involved ever since.

It also provided much-needed revenue when the Club was on its uppers!
The ‘Power of Adult Panto’ performance cannot be under-estimated, both from the performers’ and audiences’ perspective. They say it is like a drug to which normally sane, intelligent people become addicted – they don’t lie!

From my point of view it also coincided with the end of my 20 year rugby-playing career and, along with many of my retiring chums, we discovered an activity which, once again, would give us all the buzz that we would lose when our boots were well and truly hung up. The changing room ‘crack’, the preparation of rehearsal (training), the pre-event stress of getting it right – all these factors for team-sports people and particularly rugby players, are mirrored beautifully when staging an Adult Panto.

The difference between playing rugby and performing on stage is that, in a show you are giving huge amounts of pleasure to a hysterical audience across a range of ages - not something I could ever claim during my rugby-playing days (well, once or twice perhaps and the memories of the laughter still hurt)!

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