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King Richard the Lionheart is on a crusade to recapture the Promised Land, Jerusalem. Prince John in the meantime has presumed him dead and is about to assume the throne of England.


His evil agent, the Sheriff of Nottingham, has increased taxes, claimed the lands left by the crusading knights, including one Robin of Loxley, and fancies marrying the King’s cousin, Robin’s childhood sweetheart - the beautiful, if somewhat tarty, Maid Marian.

Hold fast (for that is what knights do when they are overseas), who is this returning to re-claim his ancestral seat, the glorious Nottingham Castle- ideal for medieval weddings- and save his beautiful maiden from the evil Sheriff? But first he must transform a revolting rabble into a fighting force of very, very, merry, merry men.

Enter stage left, our hero Robin Hood!

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