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Welcome to England’s capital city - a Dickensian London! Ebenezer Scrooge is a stingy old skinflint who wouldn’t give you the skin off his rice pudding, let alone buy his impoverished employee Willy Scratchit and family a Christmas turkey the size of a slightly overweight, middle- aged stand- up comedian!


That is until Christmas Eve, when he is confronted by his old partner in the form of Marley’s Ghost, who foretells of a succession of ghostly visitations, all bringing a powerful message for the old miser.

Will old Scrooge find redemption? Will there be scantily clad ladies cavorting provocatively for no apparent reason? Will there be a parade of bottoms in the finale which are nothing to do with the plot? What do you think?

Welcome to the adult panto - laugh, sing, drink, join in and make merry as the cast presents a Christmas ghost story, one Charles Dickens may not have approved of but the like of which you have never witnessed before in your life!

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